Russia’s Historical Influences

This timeline is a compiled list of events that have shaped Russia throughout the years, including the reign of influential rulers from ages past to the 21st century and the dark communist history of the USSR. In this timeline, you can discover how and why Russia is in the position it is in today and […]

The Ludlow Massacre: DBQ

The abusive relationship between employers and employees took away the rights of the people that the government is supposed to protect. However, the employers’ money and power led to the government siding with corporations many times in disputes, despite their obligation to the people. According to Woody Gunthrie, folk singer and people’s historian, in his […]

Jacob Riis: How the Other Half Lives

In 1870, Danish 21-year-old Jacob Riis migrates from his European home to the land of opportunity, the United States, with $40 in his pocket. He came seeking employment as a carpenter. He quickly ran through the small amount of money had, and he eventually ended up jobless on the streets of New York, sleeping in […]

The Crisis of Slavery in America: Timeline

In Government class, we have been studying the years of slavery in America and the time of the Civil War. Many of the events we have studied include the Dred Scott case, the Missouri Compromise, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Battle of Gettysburg & Gettysburg Address, and there are many more significant events we have discussed. […]

Jefferson’s Inaugural Adress (1801) — Mind Map

In 1800, our country elected a Republican, Thomas Jefferson, president after having a history of Federalists in the executive office. Our country had a difficult time with tranquilly transferring power over to another party. Many foreign onlookers predicted a civil war. However, we came through and survived the conflict as a nation. Tensions were high […]

The Tenth Amendment

The Tenth Amendment deals with federalism: the Federal Government can only pass laws on what the Constitution gives them authority to do. Anything else is in the power of the states. With ideas from British political policy, it is an example of limited government. In the cartoon above, it shows an example of the powers […]

The Ninth Amendment

  The Ninth Amendment states that the government is not able to violate rights of the citizens not specifically protected by the Constitution. This is the most vague amendment that is the hardest to interpret by the branches of government. The image above shows other rights not specifically protected by the Constitution that the people […]